It would be such an honor to have you read my book Loved Like Jesus! The Bible tells us that Father God loves you as much as He loves Jesus (John 17:23).

My prayer is that you experience His love in such a tangible way your life will never be the same!

Here's what others are saying...

"Every person who reads Loved Like Jesus will gain fresh insight into the love of the Father and our ability to be vessels of that love. With her unique and refreshing approach to the story of the prodigal son, Vikki communicates the importance of transitioning from a performance-oriented relationship with the Father to one of position—the position of a son or daughter. Living in a day when so many are plagued with an orphan spirit, she effectively shows the contrast between the older son’s performance-based lifestyle and the extravagant love of the Father."
DR. TOM JONES, Executive Director of Global Awakening

"You were made for love! Reading Loved Like Jesus stirred my heart to encounter more of this eternal love—God’s love pouring in and then first-love passion pouring out. Vikki Waters’ amazing book will bring you into the presence of the God of Love! Consider it a road map back into God’s heart. You’ll find yourself identifying with Vikki’s journey and her message. Make sure you pick up a copy for a friend. Loved Like Jesus will change your life!
DR.BRIAN SIMMONS, Stairway Ministries & The Passion Translation Project

"I have known Vikki for many years and she is the real, authentic deal. She possesses an uncommon mixture of passion and wisdom. You will find her insights and the way she portrays God’s love refreshing and warming of the heart."
ANDY REESE, Director of The Freedom Resource

"I am excited to endorse both this book and its author. Vikki is touching on a subject that the world needs to know and the church needs to be re-introduced to. It is the ‘final answer’ for what our hearts really long for on a daily basis. We were made to experience the Father’s love. You will be truly blessed with her straightforward style as she leads you into His presence and teaches you how to dwell there. Enjoy!"
JIM BANKS, Founder & Director of House of Healing Ministries