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Prayer Ministry Workshops

Prayer Ministry Workshops utilize Sozo based tools in a group setting to help you gain more freedom, enhancing your relationships with both God and others. Each workshop is designed to target a certain area for abundant living and lasting freedom. Attending all six workshops would serve as a spiritual “spring cleaning.” SPECIAL NOTE: It is NOT necessary to attend the workshops in sequence. So you can be sure to attend them all as your schedule allows.

Everyone can benefit from Sozo Prayer Ministry Workshops including those interested in or preparing for personal ministry at GGM; those wanting to experience ministry in the anonymity of a group setting; and, generally, everyone wanting further breakthrough in their lives.

Attendance for Workshops is free of charge. Registration through Ticketbud is required. Opportunity to give an offering to GGM will be provided and greatly encouraged. Childcare is not available.

Join us and experience healing and freedom.

Please note that our building sustained a heavy fire in December. Dates will be announced soon.  Please check back and pray for our ministry! Thank you \o/

Prayer Ministry Workshops

Workshop 1 - A Deeper Relationship

  • Hearing the Voice of God
  • Closing Doors to Sin
  • Soaking In the Presence of God

Workshop 2 – Experiencing the Father’s Love

  • The Truth About God
  • Exchanging Curses for Blessings

Workshop 3 – Inviting Truth to Set You Free

  • Identifying Ungodly Beliefs and Negative Mindsets
  • Exchanging for Life Giving Truth

Workshop 4 – Breaking Down the Walls

  • Released from Trauma
  • Breaking Down the Walls for Greater Connection with Jesus

Workshop 5 – Identifying and Defeating Shame

  • Abandonment = The Root of Shame
  • Displacing Shame, Fear and Control

Workshop 6 – Thriving with God

  • From Drama to Peace - Breaking Free from Victim Mentality
  • Pursuing a Kingdom Mindset as an Overcomer

Sozo Prayer Ministry Training

JOIN US for these effective regional training events!

Who is the for: Everyone can benefit from training to be more effective whether you are helping a friend through a struggle or everyday life situations for yourself. Ministry takes on many forms: Praying with others at your church; having a cup of coffee with a friend; meaningful conversation with a seeking co-worker; ministry on a prayer team; leading your small group, congregation or family, etc.

What to expect: You'll experience a greater level of healing and breakthrough for your own life; you'll be equipped with ministry foundations, effective tools and hands-on practice; you'll connect with other men and women who share a passion for King Jesus, a hunger for the Word and Spirit and the desire to see the Body of Christ walk in abundant living and lasting freedom.

Whether you come on your own, register with a friend you're doing life with or sign up your whole ministry team, you don't want to miss this training opportunity! Register now!! 

2018 Sozo Prayer Ministry Training Part 1 - Date TBA

  • Freedom Framework and Foundations
  • Practical Effective Tools for Ministry, Breakthrough and Life (Four Doors, Father Ladder, Presenting Jesus)
  • Hands-On Practice
  • Live Ministry Demonstration

2018 Sozo Prayer Ministry Training - Part 2 - Friday Evening and Saturday - Fall 2018

  • Building Capacity for Joy through Soaking Prayer
  • Advanced Tools for Ministry, Breakthrough and Life (The Wall, Divine Editing, Released from Trauma, Ministry to Children)
  • Hands-On Practice
  • Live Ministry Demonstration
  • Part 1 is a prerequisite for Part 2

Mark Your Calendar:

2018 Prayer Ministry Workshops

Workshop 1 – TBA - 8:45 to Noon

Workshop 2 – TBA - 8:45 to Noon

Workshop 3 – TBA  - 8:45 to Noon

Workshop 4 – TBA - 8:45 to Noon

Workshop 5 – TBA - 8:45 to Noon

Workshop 6 – TBA - 8:45 to Noon

2018 Sozo Prayer Ministry Training

Part 1 – TBA

Part 2 – Fall 2018 Date to be announced (Part 1 prerequisite)