What are the advantages of receiving a Growing in Grace Ministry Training Bible School Certificate of Completion?

MTBS is designed to bring about transformation of the heart, an understanding of the Bible as a whole and train students to effectively advance the Kingdom of God, in a classroom environment (onsite and virtual). At the conclusion of each school year, a Certificate of Completion is issued to each student that has met the training requirements for the course. This certificate serves as a validation to future ministry employers and partners, that the student carries the Kingdom values as set forth by Growing in Grace Ministries.                              


May I take the courses but not do the homework?

Absolutely. If a person wishes to learn by registering for the curriculum but not completing the homework in order to receive a Certificate of Completion, they are welcome to do that.

May I share the weekly video lessons with others?

We ask that you honor the copyright of MTBS. These video lessons are not to be shared in any way with unregistered individuals. The only exception is that spouses and family may view the video with the student in person.

What is your statement of beliefs?

MTBS is a ministry of Growing in Grace Ministries, a church in Chattanooga, TN. Our beliefs can be found on our main website.