Growing in Grace Ministry Training Bible School (MTBS) offers one to two year practical curriculums for equipping sons and daughters to advance the Kingdom in Spirit and Truth. There are many excellent schools these days. Some of them focus on ministry training while others focus primarily on Bible. MTBS is unique in that we emphasize pursuing a balance for effective ministry training in the context of understanding the Bible as a whole through a Better Covenant perspective.

Growing in Grace MTBS offers students three program options: On-site, Online and Satellite Schools for small groups. Our students will be equipped for greater influence in the home, church, marketplace, pastoral ministry, missions, inner healing, prophetic and community leadership.

How Our School Works

Three Ways to Participate 

  • OnsiteMTBS is offered as a local weekly classroom at Growing in Grace Ministries in Chattanooga, TN. Our school student body is diverse in age, vocation, ministry experience and educational accomplishment.
  • OnlineMTBS comes into your living room and offers a flexible learning schedule for individuals who are interested in pursuing training from the convenience of their own home.
  • Satellite SchoolsMTBS comes to your church or small group online with a group of people who would like to be first year students. Think ‘Small Group in a Box’ or out of the box!  No lesson preparation for the facilitator - just get together once a week, watch the teaching and spend some quality time discussing the lesson concepts.  No cost involved and no limit to the number of students in your group. The facilitator will establish the day and time for their small group to meet since the lessons are accessible online.  For information on hosting a Satellite School for a small group, please email Vikki Waters at MTBS@iggm.org

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